Sprinkler System Start up time
Apr 15th, 2015 by admin

It is getting very busy at Water Works, with spring start ups and new system installations.


Sprinkler Systems / Irrigation Systems can save you money and water.

  • It is important to keep your system maintained
    • Spring Start up and inspection from a professional is vital to you saving money and water
    • Professional shut down of your system will keep you from having damage to your system over the Chicago area winters.
  • Have Water Works Professional team review your system
    • are your sprinkler heads performing correctly, do the sprinkler heads give the coverage you need
    • there has been great advances in sprinkler heads over the last 20 years.  They provide better coverage and can be adjusted.  Some sprinkler heads have built in pressure regulators, etc.
  • Automated emergency shut-off devices save water by automatically shutting off the water when something in the irrigation system breaks.
  • Rain switches are a must and save you water and money.  Why water your yard when the rain is taking care of that for you.  Talk with Water Works professional team about how a Rain switch could save you money.


Remember Water Works provides quality service for Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.  Don’t wait call now 844-385-5599

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